New Sonos Development

11th March 2021 - Send music on the Brennan to Sonos speakers in other rooms. Click here.

2nd Generation iPhone App

12th January 2021 - We have just released a 2nd generation app for iPhone.
The new app gives you far greater control of your Brennan and puts support for Sonos speakers at the heart of the app. More here

Update 11th Feb - Android version released.

Brennan Digital Jukeboxes

B2 - classical stereo

4,400 CDs lossless, 30 Watts. CD Ripper, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Web UI, Sonos, Spotify and more.


BB1 - portable with video

320 CDs lossless. 6 Watts, Play Videos, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Web UI, Spotify and more.


Martin Brennan

Web UI


Apps for iPhone and Android


Brennan & Sonos





I can't praise this kit too highly.

Full Review

Jonathan Margolis - Financial Times

Highly Recommended

Full Review

Mel Martin - Home Theater and High Fidelity

The best CD ripping machine that we’ve tested - A Must-Have For Discerning Audiophiles

Full Review

Jonathan Parker - Luxe Digital

This is the best piece of kit I’ve ever used. I’m enjoying my CD collection all over again. And the internet radio is an amazing added bonus.

Leona Graham - Absolute Radio