BB1 Overview

BB1 - portable music system

  • Stored music - up to 2000 albums MP3 or 320 albums lossless
  • Bluetooth - play music from your phone - simplified pairing
  • Radio - 40,000 stations - 20 presets - assign three to buttons
  • Video - find and play videos on YouTube - store up to 1,000 videos
  • Web UI - find and play music, videos, radio, create playlists, rip CDs...
  • Powerful and portable - 6 Watts, USB or battery powered
  • USB port for USB storage, ethernet, headphone DAC, CD mechanism

Bluetooth - essential but a bit boring?

Bluetooth lets you play streaming music services like Spotify from a phone.

But Bluetooth speakers are a bit boring. They don’t actually do anything - without the phone. And music playback tends to monopolise a phone. So it’s good to have something like BB1 that gives you Bluetooth but also plays music on its own.

Stored Music - a portable home for all your music

I own a lot of music. I still have all my CDs in the attic but I also have MP3s I bought from iTunes and Amazon. It’s all on my BB1 now. Some I imported from a JB7/B2 USB backup disk. The rest I transferred directly from the Windows PC that held my iTunes and Amazon music libraries.

I usually play something at random by pressing the next button. Sometimes I scroll through the albums and play an album. I don’t personally use playlists so much but I know its popular because owners keep asking me to raise the 50 playlist limit.

On the BB1 you can assign a playlist to a button and playlists can include videos.

Radio in the 21st Century

Is there a place for radio in the 21st century? Of course there is. Apart from music - radio provides news, traffic and weather. It's company. And it’s always been the place to discover new music. Where would Punk Rock be without John Peel?

But radio in the 21st century means internet radio. New cars have internet. DAB was supposed to deliver digital quality but reception was a lottery. And for what? Five stations?

BB1 has access to over 40,000 internet radio stations. You can assign your everyday stations to buttons and keep favourite stations in a quick menu of 20 presets.

Have you ever?

Have you ever had a long forgotten tune pop into your head? Some time ago I remembered the Gorilla playing the drums to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins.

28 seconds later I was watching the gorilla on BB1. 16 seconds later I started breathing again as the gorilla hit the drums - magic.

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

I find that YouTube is a great way to rediscover half remembered music. It seems obvious when you think about it but I most miss the music that I didn’t buy. YouTube has a lovely one-thing-leads-to-another quality. It’s like being in a record shop of olde.

But more than that - many “pop videos” are works of art - greater than the sum of the parts.

If you have a moment treat yourself to this video - one of my favorites - and ask why don’t music players let me play this. Are you cheating yourself - just listening to the music.

And there’s more

BB1 has tons of capabilities - the Web UI, USB DACs, CD Ripping, Backup, Import, NAS. And BB1 is evolving. Last month we added an app that gives you voice control. There is a forum. Owning the BB1 is an adventure.

Watch Martin's original 90 second video introduction.