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Black 240G

$469 including delivery in mainland USA.
2250 albums MP3 or 500 albums lossless - 30Watts.

Black 480G

$529 including delivery in mainland USA.
4500 albums MP3 or 1000 albums lossless - 30Watts.

Black 2Tb

$679 including delivery in mainland USA.
10,000 albums MP3 or 5,000 albums lossless - 30Watts.


$99 per pair including delivery in mainland USA.
Perfect companion to B2. Comes with leads - but not the stand.

Refurbished B2s

Refurbished Black 500G

$399 including delivery in mainland USA.
5,000 albums MP3 or 1,250 albums lossless - 30Watts.


B2 Speaker Leads

B2 Speaker Leads

B2 Speaker Leads - 3 metre speaker cable with 4mm plugs for connection to B2 and bare ends for loudspeakers. Price per pair.

Price - $20.00

Postage - $0.00




1.8 metre optical cable Toslink to Mini Digital Audio. B2 uses Mini Digital - many high end amplifiers and DACs have Toslink inputs.

Price - $15.00

Postage - $0.00


B2 Remote Control

B2 Remote Control

A remote control is included with B2. Only buy this if you want a spare.

Price - $20.00

Postage - $0.00



30 day no quibble money back

If the B2 is not right for you - just email within 30 days to arrange return and we will refund your money as soon as we receive the B2.


There is a twelve month warranty. 

New SSD models.

We are now selling two SSD (solid state disk) B2s - the 240G and the 480G. SSDs are a bit quicker and have no moving parts. SSD B2s are only available in Black.

Three disk sizes

240G 2250 CDs MP3 (500 Lossless)
480G 4500 CDs MP3 (1000 Lossless)
2Tb 10000 CDs MP3 (5000 Lossless)

Two colors

Black or Metallic front panel - the body of the B2 is black in both models.

Whats in the box.

Each B2 comes with
Power supply and mains lead
Wifi Dongle
Bluetooth Dongle
Remote control
Quick start guide

BSP50 loudspeakers come with B2 Speaker Leads.

Not included

Cables for connecting to an amplifier or AV system.
If you order B2 without speakers and intend to connect to your own loudspeakers you may need to order speaker leads from us - B2 has 4mm (banana plug) sockets if you want to make your own.

Refurbished B2s

We have a small number of refurbished B2s available at a $100 discount. Refurbished B2 are cosmetically and functionally 100% and carry the same guarantee. They may have been opened but are not pre-owned. Packing material may be different. All have been retested at the factory. Shipping to mainland USA only.