Q&A - Web Interface

We recommend using the Chrome Web Browser.

Will B2 work with future phones?

Yes - because the B2 uses a web interface - as opposed to an "App" you can expect future devices to work with B2 just as you would expect them to display old websites.

Phone Data Usage

B2 won't consume any mobile data because you connect to B2 using your free household wifi. If you play streaming services like Spotify through B2 using Bluetooth - make sure your phone is using the household wifi network. 

Static IP address

Most wifi routers have the ability to reserve a specific IP address for individual devices - that can help if your router often changes the B2 IP address. The details are different from router to router - but you will need to find the router's admin panel - see the documentation that came with the router. You will also need something called the B2 MAC address. This is a string of digits and letters - press the info button on the B2 remote - twice. 

iPad drag and drop

Touch devices don't support drag and drop very well - so the B2 web UI also has buttons that do the same job. For example to set a preset radio station. If you have a mouse you can drag and drop from the vtuner search results to the presets panel. On a touch device you need to tap the three dots next to the search result.