5000 Albums - means every piece of music you ever wanted - at your finger tips!

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Two sizes - two prices 

500G $499 5000 CDs MP3 or 1250 FLAC (or a mix)
2Tb $679 9000 CDs MP3 or 5000 FLAC (or a mix)

 Prices include US shipping. 

Two colors

Black or Metallic front panel - the body of the B2 is black in both models.

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or with Speakers


Refurbished B2s

Refurbished Black 2Tb - only $579 including delivery in mainland USA.
10,000 albums MP3 or 5,000 albums lossless - 30Watts.




1.8 metre optical cable Toslink to Mini Digital Audio. B2 uses Mini Digital - many high end amplifiers and DACs have Toslink inputs.

Price - $15.00

Postage - $10.00


B2 Remote Control

B2 Remote Control

A remote control is included with B2. Only buy this if you want a spare - or your dog eats the original.

Price - $20.00

Postage - $10.00




There is a twelve month warranty. 
After that we will repair for a small fee. Keeping your music is important to us. We routinely repair Brennan JB7s manufactured more than ten years ago!

Looking for a better price?

We have a limited number of factory refurbished B2s below right.

Refurbished B2 are cosmetically and functionally 100% and carry the same guarantee. They may have been opened but are not pre-owned. Packing material may be different. All have been retested at the factory. Shipping to mainland USA only.