Here are a handful of unabridged emails from JB7 and B2 owners.
You can also find useful, blunt and up to the minute customer reviews on Amazon here

Dear Martin,
B2 is working well. May I thank you for the extraordinary personal service you have provided for me, which continued until my problems were solved. There cannot be many organisations whose chief executive personally takes the time and trouble to solve one customer's difficulties. You and your staff are to be commended for your excellent personal service. Thank you again. Kind regards, Roger
P.S. I am happy for you to publish my comments should you wish to do so

Hi Martin
Thanks for getting back to me. I seem to have sorted the issue by allocating a specific address for the Brennan, which was one of the solutions suggested in the faq section.
I must have missed it!
By the way as an over 60 I have to say the b2 is the most enjoyable piece of hifi I have ever bought. I am enjoying my music collection all over again.
It is obvious that it has been designed by a true music lover, not just a techie!
Having said that I do appreciate the technology that has gone into it.
The Bluetooth is another great feature that has enhance what is already a great product.
My Sennheiser MM400X headphones work brilliantly with the feature and even work downstairs. The B2 is upstairs.
A couple of wish list items:
1. Would it be possible to have the display go even dimmer as it lights up my room at night even in its lowest setting.
2. Would it possible to have an on off as I hate unplugging it!
Finally please can you tell me when the 1tb models will be available again as I want to buy another one.
Thanks again Martin and your team for all of your great work on a product that's up there with the iPod on my list of great music products
Kind regards
Robin 9/5/16

Hello Martin.
Thanks for the email.
I bought 4 of your JB7 machines for various holiday homes I own and think they are great.
I also liked your direct approach to marketing. You came across as a technical entrepener with a great product and sold it well.
I bought some direct and some from Richer Sounds.
Thanks for the news of the new product
I'm interested but probably when one of the JB7s needs replacing
Good Luck and I like your spirit approach and products.
Cheers Robin 29/10/15

Hi Brennan Team

I took a chance and purchased my new 2T b2 and it was delivered about a week ago. Since then I have learned more about computers, software, music files, WEB Radio and Wi Fi than in a life time of using computers.

This is the first bit of High tech equipment I have purchased that worked straight out of the box, and yes all the necessary syntax etc has been included for even the most complicated UK passwords - but it has strayed far from the simplicity of the JB7.

The b2 is an elegantly designed and quality piece of kit worthy top hi end Hi Fi systems, fabulous audio quality - and to date ownership has been an exciting roller coaster ride. I cannot wait to download the the next software and radio upgrades, its like Christmas every week.

An amazing piece of entertainment and educational equipment.

Petty Critcisms – the display is a bit on the bright side. The tiny legends on the display and the remote are unreadable to my aged and bucolic eyes (Prefer the JB7) but the ability to read and control from my laptop, tablet and phone and link in a wireless keypad will be mitigated with promised upgrades in future I am sure. There is a pop in the speakers on switch on/off (earphone socket to ARCAM amp) which was not evident with the JB7.

Many thanks for your reply. Tony Norfolk 1/10/15

Dear 3GA/Regenersis Team,

I am taking the unusual step of writing to declare how absolutely amazed I am at your brilliant quality of service.

I welcomed the very manageable and efficient online booking repair form after my Brennan had given up the ghost over Christmas. Everything went very smoothly in terms of confirmation of repair reservation, and a very pleasant representative spoke and arranged with me when i subsequently phoned to say I'd drop it off at your Hinchingbrooke depot on Friday (8th January) - which I duly did.

That part of the experience was also very pleasant, especially because Chris who came out to talk with me and collect the Brennan was so encouraging about not losing the many CDs and other recordings that I have committed to the Breenan. It truly has become an indispensable part of our life - especially the marvellous change it has broughtto our music world. Chris was especially sympathetic when i explained that there was a voice recording of my late mother on the Brennan which I was anxious not to lose.

Unbelievably, just two working days later, I was informed through an efficient DPD email link that my device would be delivered back to our home today, and that I would be informed of a one hour window for that delivery. This was indeed very effectively and conveniently communicated, and there was an amazing state-of-the-art tracking system to follow today as to where Fred the cheerful courier had got to, so I absolutely knew when to stand on the doorstep to welcome him (and our Brenan) to the house.

This is incredible. Delivered to you at lunchtime Friday 8th January and returned repaired to us lunchtime Wednesday 13th January. At a very reasonable service charge and now fully working (playing happily inthe background as I type!) In addition there was a very kind note from Chris enclosed (Employee of the Year as far as we're concerned!) helping us to achieve a back-up of the invaluable recording of my Mum's voice in conversation.

Thank you so much and WELL DONE. We have never known quality service like this from anywhere ever before.

Yours sincerely,
Giles OBE 14/1/16

Please let me have any questions or feedback about B2 here

Pilchard 14/7/16
Long term JB7 fan.

Well done Martin. Sounds brilliant and still having great fun with the old one which I bought at least 6 years ago! You're a genius

Brent 29/10/15

Dear Martin Brennan,
I have your original machine for over 5 years which I love to bits but as I am right brained I am not yet really conversant with its wonders although I love the ability to play Ella Fitzgerald throughout a long evening dinner party if I choose to!! I have recommended you to many friends which is how I got to hear that you were thinking of "packing it all in" as they say so I am now delighted that you are still inventing! I will file this for the future and just wanted to wish you well...... I believe in supporting individual effort again new technology giants who end up standardising everything slightly lower than it could be! best wishes...Pam 5/12/15

Thanks so much for your reply.

Sorry, I've now realised what the track count mismatch was. I assumed the track count and the number that appears when you press 'Find' would be the same, but the latter is the sum of the number of tracks, the number of artists and the number of albums combined.

I love my B2 - I think it's the best boy-toy ever!

Peter 1/10/15

Hi Martin

First of all congratulations on the fantastic B2, as a disabled lad in a wheelchair it saves me a lot of hassle. I have had it running through a couple of Q Acoustic 2010i speakers, sounded great. I then decided to buy the optical cable and run it through a Denon amp with Boston Acoustic XS speakers.......Words do not do it justice except to say that all my favourite musicians now play in my back room. I have a radio station to add if you can, it's called progman, the address is http://stream.laut.fm/progman.m3u
Many Thanks Best Regards. Peter 7/10/15

Hello Martin,
Thank you for your reply to my recent query and rectifying the software problems.This is an excellent service and enhances you B2 even further.Imagine trying to contact the “Big Boys” Sony or such like with regard to their products,can’t imagine a personal reply! Your narrative with customers queries and questions is both interesting and informative.Imagine designing something according to what the customers would like !
After all this praise can I be so bold as to enquire regarding two small queries.Is it possible to delete immediately(aka JB7) a deleted track as it continues to play after selecting delete and plays until timed out or you select another track.Is a normaliser of some description possible in the software to limit volume levels of flac files,as some recordings are louder than others?
Best of luck with you ever evolving product and look forward to keeping in touch with your site.
Regards, Michael 8/11/15