Q&A - Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting B2 Tips

Turn off and on
Get the latest software
Settings->Scan Disk
Press Info on the remote to get stats on your B2.

Skipping titles without playing?

Sure sign you should do this

Settings->Scan Disk

Wifi Connection

Used to connect but now doesn't - turn the router off and on - not just reset button. Then Settings->Retry Wifi on B2.


BT Home Hub 5

Smart Setup feature enabled by default. Please follow hub instructions or ask BT how to disable this not so smart feature - which prevents anything but a browser from attaching.

David T tells me that in his Wifi network the connectiorn was is improved if the B2 Wifi dongle was put on a short USB extender cable - possibly because the metal B2 itself was blocking the wireless signal path.

WAVs not compressing?

Settings->Scan Disk

CD not working?

Settings->USB Speed
(needs to be High Speed)


Problems with Radio Stations?

Make sure you have the latest radio station addresses. Use Settings->Radio Update to bring them up to date.

Our Radio Station links have been provided by www.radiofeeds.co.uk.

If any stations do not work Vincent is keen to hear from you here. Radiofeeds is a UK only directory.

Vinnie has written some tips here.

HDD Read Only - Repair HDD function

This is displayed when the Linux operating system is unhappy and does not want to cause any further problems by writing to the hard disk.

This can be a transient problem that will go away if you reboot - turn off and on. This could be because of a bug in the software or an unanticipated sequence of events (which amounts to the same thing).

It can also be caused by turning off or otherwise interrupting the system while writing to the disk. In this case the file system contains an inconsistency that will not go away when you turn off and on and you need to fix it.

Update 9th March 2017

The best way to fix a persistant HDD Read Only is to

1) backup the music to an external disk
2) reformat the B2 internal disk
3) restore the music from the backup

We used to recommend a disk repair function but it doesn't work on 2TB and is a bit hit and miss - and can discard even more music. We use the above approach at the factory. If you don't have a backup disk this is a good reason to get one.

Here are the steps in more detail

USB Functions->Export to C
Settings->Maintenance->Format HDD
USB Functions->Import from C

If the problem persists or comes back call us.

Old Disk Repair Instructions.

Please note that the repair function very often deletes files and can delete a huge number of files depending on where it finds the problem. If you already have a backup you can relax. If not you may be able to backup some or all of the music on the hard disk while it is Read Only and before you try to repair it.

Here are the instructions for Disk Repair

1) Settings->Web Upgrade So you have software with the repair function
2) Settings->Maintenance->Use SD This frees the HDD for the repair.
3) Settings->Maintenance->Repair HDD This can take several minutes the only real feedback you will get is hearing the disk head moving inside.
4) Settings->Maintenance->Use HDD This should reboot and the Read Only state has been cleared.
5) Settings->Scan Disk This tells B2 to scan the disk to find out what remains and what has gone.

If you use the info button before and after - you will get an idea of the extent of the repair / data loss.

Finally the read only state could be the result of a defective hard disk - a bad sector on the disk. This means the hard disk has to be replaced.

Can I have a copy of the B2 instruction booklet?

Quick Start Guide download



I am developing a comprehensive online user guide that will be change to reflect new software features. Current version here.



Since the clocks went back I have upgraded several times and have just set up Wifi again, but the B2 is still in BST! I hope you can help.

I know its a bit misleading but use Settings->Set Timezone to adjust back to GMT.

USB unreliable

I've got problems with my Freecomm backup disk - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Any ideas?

I’ve heard from two customers with this kind of problem and it seems to be a problem between the USB 3 connector on the Freecomm cable and our USB 2 socket.

We found that if you use a short USB extension like this...

 Short USB Extension lead

that fixed the problem. Also a good idea because it reduces the wear and tear on the B2 connector. Search for "short USB extension cable " on Amazon.

IP Address Changes

My Web UI completely stopped working 2 days ago. I then discovered that the url as shown on the start screen gave a new number whereby the last number had changed from .14 to .16.  How has this happened? I did not change anything as far as I know, so feel distinctly lost.

This change is caused by your wireless router - reallocating the IP address assigned to B2. Some B2 owners have assigned a "static ip address" to their B2 to solve this. To do that you need to login to your router and give it the MAC address on the B2 info screen. Details will vary from router to router. 

Hello Martin, This is the process I used to fix the IP address of my Brennan B2 Kind regards, Adrian

A process used to fix the IP address of the Brennan B2 using a Buffalo Airstation WBMR-HP-G300H modem/router
  1. Turn on the Brennan B2. Using the remote control press Info then the up arrow.Make a note of the MAC address displayed on the front panel then press OK.
  2. Login to the modem/router using its admin interface at the 'Default Gateway' IP address (Google that if you don't know how to do it).Click on Internet / LAN.Click on LAN and look at the DHCP IP Address pool. This is range of IP addresses that are automatically assigned as 'computers' that are connected to the LAN power on.My range is to
  3. Click on DHCP Lease (your router may call it something different)
  4. Click on Manual Assignment for the line containing the B2's MAC address. Wait for page to refresh then click on Edit and change the IP address to something at the top of the DHCP range.I chose on Save and reboot the router then reboot the Brennan B2.
  5. In my browser I have a 'favourite' set to which takes me straight to the B2's interface.

Many Thanks, Martin
P.S. If any other B2 owners have useful tips please send them in and I'll post them in the Q&A pages.

Rip Speed


Martin, Having quite a bit of fun with my B2. Love the UI on my laptop, a bit of a learning curve, but I am sure I will get it all down soon.
Hookup to my Denon 2312 was a cinch, using the spdif cable and adapter which I found at a local store.Two questions, 1) Should my cd rip speed be faster than say 6x or 7x? and 2) My Denon, Samsung and Grace digital remotes seem to light up the B2 when I am using them, should that cause any menu changes? Best regards,
Keith Conrad

Hi Keith. 1) You will find that the rip speed gets faster towards the outside of the disk but depends a lot on the CD. I just ripped a Joe Jackson CD that started off at 4.5x then ripped a Dvorak CD that started off at 11.2x rising to 25x. The rip speed is determined by the CD mechanism itself. I guess if it has trouble getting a signal then it may slow down to allow time for error correction or retries.  2) The B2 will flash the LED when other remotes are used - it won't do anything though - I may remove this feature its a bit of a nuisance - Martin


B2 USB Compatibility

Please let us know any devices that you have found to work - or more importantly not work - so that we can help other B2 owners buy compatible devices.

Known good devices

Freecom 1TB USB hard disk
Hama Bus Powered Hub
Kingston 64G USB
Mini keyboard
Freecom 260G Toughdrive

Reported problem devices

Western Digital USB 3.0

Problem SD Card Reader

DB tells me he had trouble with an Anker usb 3.0 capable multi-reader. Let me know of any incompatible drives or USB peripherals and I will update here.

Sonos & Powerline Adaptor

James C has reported that his Sonos system worked with B2 for many months but then became unreliable. The problem turned out top be his BT Broadband Extender which uses the domestic mains wiring hence the name Powerline.

He tells me that the solution appears to be to use the Sonos BOOST device to extend the wifi range.