NAS and Sonos

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage - not very helpful.

It basically means that the music on the Brennan B2 hard disk can be seen by other devices on the same network. 

The main benefit is that you can combine Brennan with Sonos and get the best of both.

The NAS functionality was added on 26th November 2016 so Brennan B2s shipped after that date have it built in. Older B2s need a new SD (see panel on left).

To Enable NAS

Settings->Maintenance->Start NAS

You only have to do it once.

Its a new development so let me have your feedback here.


Using with Windows

Not very exciting but useful - skip this if you just want to use with Sonos.
Start Windows Explorer
Click on the Network tab on the left.
It may take a while at first but you will see BRENNANB2 like this

When you click on BRENNANB2 the first time you will need a user and password as follows.

User: root
Password: brennan

You will then see the music folder on the brennan - you can treat it like any other folder on the PC.

If you add music to the B2 then you need to do Settings->Scan Disk for the B2 to be aware.

If you delete or rename existing music then you should also restart the B2 then do Scan Disk.

Using with Sonos

This assumes you have a working Sonos system on the same network as the Brennan.

You need to add the B2 to the Sonos Music Library

Launch the Sonos program then click on Manage->Music Library Settings...

Click on Add then select the NAS option.

Set the path to the Brennan B2 music folder. You can use Browse - you will find it under the network folder. Or type the path directly as below.

Enter the user and password - “root” and “brennan” respectively - not the quotes

The Sonos will then spend quite a few minutes a ridiculously long time indexing the Brennan B2 - don’t worry it doesn’t do it every time. Make a cup of coffee. If you have a lot of music make a meal. You can tell its doing something if you listen to the B2 you can hear the hard disk head moving.

You can then find all the music on the B2 under Music Library/Folders.


The music is organised by artist and album - but paradoxically does not appear in the Sonos categories (artist, album, composer, genre etc) this is because B2 does not tag tracks with ID3 tags. I may add this in the months ahead.

You can play music on the B2 to any and all of your Sonos speakers. Add music to the queue and create Sonos playlists. The B2 becomes part of the Sonos system.


New SD Card

The new NAS feature needs a new SD card. A simple Web Upgrade is not enough.

B2s shipped after 26th November 2016 already have the latest SD card.

Owners of B2s shipped before then can buy a new SD card from us or create their own as follows.

You need a new or spare 8G SD card (anything larger than 4G will be OK) and a USB SD card reader. You might want to label or mark the new SD card as “new”.

Plug the new SD card into the reader and plug that into USB C on the B2.

Get the latest software on the B2

Settings->Web Upgrade

Download the new operating system with NAS

Settings->Maintenance->Get RootFS

(25 seconds)

Copy the current SD card to the new one.

Settings->Maintenance->SD to USB C

(2 minutes 30 seconds)

Upgrade the Operating system on the new SD

Settings->Maintenance->RootFS to C

(2 minutes)

Turn off the B2 and replace the old SD card in the side of the B2 with the newly created one.

You will need to set up the Wifi again.

Settings->Setup Wifi

You may wonder why I have provided instructions for creating a second SD card rather than simply upgrading the SD card in the B2. The answer is that there is always a small risk that the upgrade fails and that would leave you without a working SD.

Turn on NAS

Settings->Maintenance->Start NAS 


Update 3rd January

James C encountered some difficulties creating an SD card but worked when he added these steps.

1) Before anything format the SD card Settings->Maintenance-Format USB C
2) Before the RootFS to C step - remove and replace the SD card adaptor from USB C (not just the SD card - the card reader).


B2 & SONOS Question

Hi Martin.
I'm considering buying the B2 and some sonos speakers. Will the B2 stream to the sonos speakers wirelessly via my network and is any physical attachment to the network from the B2 neede to achieve this? Will the set up allow different users to stream different music to different speakers in separate rooms from the B2 as this is what attracts me to sonos?

Hi James - strictly speaking Sonos system treats the B2 like a hard disk containing music. So the B2 does not stream music to the Sonos you control the Sonos system through its own program - even if the music resides on the B2.
(Its possible in the future that I will add a feature to put B2 in control - some owners suggested turning B2 into a kind of internet radio station that will play through as many Sonos speakers as you want). 
Yes different users will be able to play different music in different rooms. At some point you may run into bandwidth problems so don't assume you can play ten different pieces of music simultaneously.