Q&A - Internet Radio

26th January 2016 - 38,000 Radio Stations added.

I have linked B2 to the www.vTuner.com database of internet radio stations. This new facility is initially available through the Web UI. Click the vTuner tab to login to vTuner.

You can navigate to a station by drilling down through country, state and town. Play the station by clicking on it or dragging to now playing.

You can also search for a station by typing in the vTuner Search box. If you type "Caroline" you will see that Radio Caroline is now available.

The new system is additional to the older UK only Radiofeeds database - which you can search as before with the general B2 search panel. If you are looking for UK stations Radiofeeds is faster.

I have added a new way to manage the radio presets. There is a new presets tab on the web UI - just drag and drop a radio station from vTuner or Radiofeeds into the presets and that assigns the radio station to that key on the remote.

You can drag a preset to the Now Playing to play that station.

The web UI is work in progress - I will be working on compatibility with other browsers and handsets and touch devices next - so let me have your feedback here.

I also have it in mind to provide access to the Vtuner statiosn through the front panel - as time permits.

Martin Brennan


Q: Internet radio: will Radio Caroline be included in the "more coming" comment?

If you are prepared to do a bit of digging I can add your radio station to the next software release. Your radio station needs to stream mp3 and I'll need the URL of a playlist file - typically ends in something like .m3u or .pls. If you look on the Wikipedia entry for BBC Radio Two - you can see their URLs. Send in the URL of your favourite station and I'll add it.

Update: Caroline now available.

Absolute Classic Rock

I found these Internet Stations that would be good, I did not know which URL to use so copied them all. Absolute Classic Rock stream URLs MP3 128k:


Thanks - thats perfect I just added all the Absolute Radio stations you sent me.

Dutch Radio URL

Secondly can a favourite Dutch Internet Only station I often listen to be added to the station line-up http://www.radio10.nl/players/stream.php?channel=6070s

You will need to do some digging around I need a URL that ends in something like m3u or pls. The url above is for a web page as opposed to the stream itself - sorry.

Smooth Radio 

Hi Martin.
Can you please list which internet radio stations you already have in B2. Is Smooth radio included?

Smooth Radio not yet - I'm working on a significant increase in number of UK stations - and a way to find them. I'd appreciate any help Internet Radio outside UK.

Update 25th August - Here is a list of 750+ UK stations about to be added to the software.

Recording From Radio

Q: The b2 looks like a great product.
I currently have the jb7 and looking to upgrade to the b2 in the near future.
Can you advise if it's capable of recording directly from the internet radio, or if this could be possibly be implemented in a future upgrade?

Thats a good idea - B2 doesn't allow do it at the moment but I have added it to the wish list and I'm steadily adding all worthy requested features. Yes you will be able to upgrade when its done - takes a few seconds.


Q: I live in Canada and have a JB7. On the B2 are internet radio stations limited to only UK stations or can it access worldwide stations e.g. like my Grace internet radio tuner?

Hi only UK stations at the moment - I will add international stations in the future. At launch B2 started with 20 stations - a mix of UK and a few international - then I added 750+ UK stations with the help of www.radiofeeds.co.uk - if you know of any good internet radio directories let me know and I will try and work with them. 

Update: Vtuner has many many Canadian stations organised by cities, territories and most popular.


Q: I search on "find radio" and when I locate radio 4 I then press and hold 4 but later this does not get me radio 4. If I'm doing something wrong let me know, please?

You need to press play first. That will play the radio station you found. Holding the 4 button assigns whatever station is currently playing to the 4 key.


Q: While listening to internet radio (mainly classic fm) there are periods of complete silence lastind for a variable time, but sometimes around a minute it seems, before it comes back. Again I seek an explanation.

I have experienced what you describe and it seems to depends on the broadband provider, time of day and the particular radio station. I have multiple internet services for testing and I found that Virgin was OK for 24 hours then has trouble at "rush hour" but my BT internet was uninterrupted.

Initial Ten Stations

Q: When you scroll through the Main Menu, Browse Artist etc you come to Internet Radio. If you push the button you can scroll through 10 radio stations - Birmingham, Cambridge, BBC 1,2,3,4,and 5, Glasgow, Clyde ... If you dont press Internet Radio the selection you get to it Search for Internet Radio Stations. Pressing this allows you to scroll through 791 radio stations or search for a specific startion. My question was about the reason for the 10 stations you get by choosing Internet Ratio. How were these chose and can they be changed. I understand about the Search for radio stations. Roger

Hi Roger. Those ten stations correspond to the stations assigned to the number keys on the remote control. I assigned these initial stations because they include popular national stations and also hint at the geographically diverse choice available with internet radio. You can change these assignments by finding and playing a station using Find Station then - while the station is playing - hold the number key down.

I just assigned Capital (Liverpool) to button 7 and now when I select Internet Radio on the front panel Capital (Liverpool) is among the ten choices.


Problems with Radio Stations?

Make sure you have the latest radio station addresses. Use Settings->Radio Update to bring them up to date. Our Radio Station links have been provided by www.radiofeeds.co.uk. If any stations do not work Vincent is keen to hear from you here. Radiofeeds is a UK only directory.

Vinnie has written some tips here.